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the reasons



, the means were vi●le; too vile even to justify the end. ▓ Washington was c

ensured severely for h▓is severity at the time, but no one now wou●ld blame him.He h

ad his duty to his coun▓try to do, and he did it.None the less, Andrè垿’s


bones were eventually moved to We▓stminster Abbey, and a fulsome tablet records● the manner of his death. * * * * * ▓ Meanwhile

, Cornwallis in the Caro

linas ●scored a victory at Guildford Courthouse, wh●ere the Guards, the old 71st, ●and the 23rd and 33rd, defeated ▓an infer

ior force of militia and

what were● fast becoming seasoned troops, bu●t the task was too heavy for his strength.〃埌My cavalry,” he sadly writes●, “wanted everything, and the infantry e▓verything but shoes.” So he


marc▓hed, with sundry skirmishes of little value i▓n various places, north-east towards York ●Town, and Lord Rawdon, w

ho practicall●y commanded the other wing, fell bac●k south-east towards Charleston, with the 3rd,● 63rd, and 64th. While Greene watched and ●“contained” the latter, Washington and● Rochambeau, giv

ing up the long-cherished ●idea of the defence of the Hudson and the ●capture of New York, moved into Virginia to ▓assist York Town.When121 the first paral

lel ●of the siege was completed, Washington ●fired